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I’ll be serving as a Pastoral Intern at Grace Fellowship Church in Queens, NYC. Our denomination has graciously donated GFC a matching grant in order to bring me on staff. We’re seeking to raise both a Prayer Team and Financial Team.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 in 3 years!

Monthly or yearly commitments are the most helpful, but one-time gifts are also greatly needed. Every gift makes a huge difference!

  • 5 yearly gifts of $1000
  • 1 monthly gift of $200
  • 2 monthly gifts of $100
  • 5 monthly gifts of $50
  • 10 monthly gifts of $20

If you believe God is leading you to join us, here are the ways you can give:


Here are three ways you can give:

(1.) GIVE ONLINE: Set up reoccurring (or one-time) monthly payment through the Grace Fellowship website

(2.) GIVE BY CHECK: Set up a monthly bank check through your bank to be delivered to GFC office (*For one-time donations, you can send a check to the same location):

(3.) GIVE Through GOFUNDME: Visit our GoFundMe page:

All donations and gifts are tax deductible 


We’re aware that nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer. We want to impact NYC in an eternally significant way and so we need your prayers! If you’d like to support us in prayer, please sign up below to receive our newsletters.