About the Ministry

The gospel is at work in New York City!

NYC is currently home to about 8.5 million people who reflect the image of God. Out of those 8.5 million only about 5% are gospel believing Christians.

Missiologist Harvie Conn stated,

If we are to reach the world of the 21st century then we must reach the cities!

NYC is definitely one of the world’s most influential cities. I like to say that if a person in NYC sneezes, people in London, Tokyo, and Sydney get sick! That’s how influential this city is.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan has pointed out:

Sociologists have noticed that when a certain minority population in a community increases to anywhere between 10-20%, then the culture of the entire community begins to change.”

However, this vision of a gospel movement will need more than a few churches around the city to see gospel impact and influence.

We have an opportunity to labor with one of these churches striving to make NYC flourish with the challenging, renewing, and healing message of the gospel. I’ll be serving as a Pastoral Intern at Grace Fellowship Church in Sunnyside, Queens.

What’s My Role

The Borough of Queens is one of the world’s most diverse urban spaces! About 48% of Queens residents are foreign born. When it comes to the neighborhood of Sunnyside, about 1/3 is Hispanic. 

So not only are gospel-centered churches need in this little slice of NYC, but gospel-centered churches that reflect the diversity of the people of God.

Imagine a community of people who look different and speak different than each other, yet care & love one another. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is the transforming power that will enable that to happen! We want to create a community of diverse people, united under one message of renewing grace. 

As a Pastoral Intern I’ll be coming alongside GFC and serving to form disciples and leaders in a culturally diverse neighborhood. Here’s what I’ll be doing:

  • Preaching in the Sunday service once a month
  • Providing pastoral care & shepherding to Hispanic members and outreach to Hispanic community.
  • Serving the Sunnyside and broader Queens community through GFC’s summer day camp called City Camp.
  • Shepherding Community Group leaders
  • Helping create disciples, who make disciples, that make disciples

We want to join in on God’s work of renewing NYC through the hope of Jesus Christ and the gospel of grace.

If you would like to partner with us, please visit our support page for more information.